Formal Construction Begins on Tappan Zee Bridge

October 17, 2013

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that formal construction has begun on the Tappan Zee bridge replacement in New York. Construction began with installation of the first permanent piles for the bridge’s foundation.

“After more than a decade of delay, New York State has moved this project forward at a dramatic pace while working with the community, involving the public and protecting the local environment,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Once completed, drivers in Rockland, Westchester and surrounding areas will finally have a safer, less congested bridge that will include a walkway for pedestrians and bikers and accommodates future mass transit.”

The new bridge is expected to cost $3.9 billion and the project is expected to be completed in 2018.

The full construction timeline, as reported by Roads & Bridges, is as follows:  

  • Dredging to prepare for bridge construction is ongoing until Nov. 1 and will take place during August, September and October 2014;
  • October 2013: Main span permanent pile installation begins;
  • November 2013: Permanent pile installation begins for approaches;
  • March 2014: Work begins on approach substructure;
  • June 2014: Work begins on main span substructure;
  • September 2014: Work begins for erection of superstructure;
  • Late 2014/early 2015: Work begins on cable stay installation;
  • Late 2016: Complete north span;
  • December 2016: Relocate westbound traffic to new north span;
  • February 2017: Relocate existing eastbound traffic to new north span;
  • February 2017: Start demolition of existing bridge;
  • Late 2017: Both spans complete;
  • November 2017: Relocate eastbound traffic from new north span to new south span;
  • April 2018: Physical completion of project; and
  • July 2018: Final acceptance of project.