Flyover Bridge Collapses While Under Construction in India

March 31, 2016

A highway bridge under construction in the eastern city of Kolkata (Calcutta), India collapsed on to traffic under it, killing at least 18 people. Many are still trapped in the debris, including two buses.

The collapse took place near Girish Park, one of the city's most congested neighborhoods with narrow streets that carry vehicles ranging from construction trucks to rickshaws. The close proximity of the area's multi-story buildings to the flyover roadway is limiting access for heavy equipment to the accident site.

A person speaking for the bridge's builder, IVRCL, said, “This has never happened before, we are also in shock. 45% work was left, one girder missed & second one fell. It is nothing but God’s act.”

The construction of the flyover started in December 2009 and has been facing issues.Reports say IVRCL is years behind schedule as of March 2016, over 45 percent work was still pending. The  project was supposed to be completed by 2012 but issues related to land acquisition delayed its completion. Reports suggested that the design of the flyover has been changed several times in past few years.

"Cement and concrete were poured in yesterday only, it suddenly collapsed today," a local witness told India Today. India has a history of building collapses.

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Source: BBC; India Today