Flow-Well® Manufactured Drywell Captures Runoff Water

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Flo-Well manufactured drywell from NDS, Inc. captures runoff water before it can become polluted and contaminate surrounding water sources, meeting all regulatory requirements for stormwater retention.

As changes are made to a landscape, the introduction of paved surfaces and sloped gardenbeds can drastically alter the natural landscape, increasing the amount of stormwater runoff. Excess stormwater that is not absorbed by the soil travels over rooftops, land, pavement and other impervious surfaces, picking up pollutants including oil, grease, chemicals, metals and bacteria. The stormwater travels until it reaches a larger body of water such as a pond, lake or storm drain.

More effective than a traditional drywell, the Flo-Well can hold up to 50 gallons and the innovative design features a large, durable plastic container with holes throughout the sidewalls, allowing Flo-Well to collect the excess stormwater into a large plastic container buried beneath the landscape. The plastic walls protect the large space within the container to serve as a high-capacity void into which water can be collected. Water gradually leaches or percolates into the soil without saturating it, creating puddles or a soggy landscape.

Easy to install, the systems eliminates complicated piping systems and requires less time, parts and equipment for installation.