Fleetguard Introduces Recycled Coolant

September 28, 2010

Antifreeze ConsumptionFleetguard recently added recycled coolant to its range of heavy-duty antifreeze products. The company has struck a collaborative agreement with EET Corp., Harriman, Tenn., to supply the recycled coolant.

According to Fleetguard, of the 2 billion pounds of concentrated antifreeze produced annually in North America, 80 percent is used to refill leaking cooling systems, 7 percent is used for factory fill by vehicle manufacturers and 13 percent is used for coolant change-out. The latter volume is available for recycling.

Fleetguard's recycled coolants will be produced via EET's patented (or patent-pending) high-efficiency electrodialysis (HEED) process. The process, says EET, moves dissolved minerals away from liquids, rather than the reverse, setting the process apart from evaporative and other membrane-based recycling techniques.

Says Fleetguard's Marilyn Johnson, director of coolant product management, the recycled antifreeze complies with ASTM standards and is chemically indistinguishable from coolant made with virgin materials.