Five PM Tips for Extended Life

September 28, 2010

Heavy equipment and trucks will provide better service life with a rigorous, proactive preventive-maintenance system, says Allen Perry, product technical service coordinator for ConocoPhillips. Key to that system is lubricants. Here are a few tips Perry recommends for effective PM.

  • Keep an eye out for fluid leaks. A quick inspection can reveal early warning signs that can be easily remedied.
  • Use the correct oil, one meeting all the requirements set by engine manufacturers.
  • Oil analysis results should be studied for trends in the physical and chemical properties of the oil rather than for cumulative miles or hours of operation.
  • Don't cut quality on greases. Look for a product specific to the motions and operating conditions, and use high-quality grease.
  • Troubleshoot early detection of abnormal behavior and necessary repairs will be smaller in scope, downtime will be minimized, and timing can be chosen by the fleet manager. When reliability is a must, unscheduled repairs can be financially draining.