Firefighters Rescue Worker After Trench Collapse

May 29, 2015

A fire rescue team was called to the scene of a trench collapse that killed one construction worker, and left another trapped up to his chest in heavy clay mud 10 feet below ground.  

"There were trench boxes there. One was about a hundred yards from the deceased victim and there was one on the top side that they obviously weren't in place," firefighter Barrett Pittman told WWLTV. See the video report here.

OSHA requires cave-in protecion for trenches of 4 feet deep or more. 

"Had they been in place, these two gentlemen would probably be at work today," Pittman said.

After nearly three hours of digging and creating safety barriers through heat and heavy rain, firefighters rescued the trapped worker.

The contracting company the men worked for, Ted Hebert L.L.C., out of the Baton Rouge, La.- area, is now the subject of both a sheriff's office investigation and a probe by OSHA.