Federal Funding Procedures Threatens $1,961,583,288 in Highway Funds

May 23, 2016

Last week was Infrastructure 2016 Week and construction media was full of ideas, opinions and plans to strengthen the nation's infrastructure and economy.

This week, AASHTO has posted a State-by-State Rescission Estimate that show how much highway funding each state stands to lose if Congress fails to take action to ensure old-school economics don't detour progress that has been made by the FAST Act.

The threat facing state highway spending stems from arcane federal budget procedures, and how Congress "scores" legislation against 10-year spending projections, said AASHTO senior staff officials. But the state groups warned congressional appropriators that the rescissions issue "is not a simple and harmless budgetary maneuver."

Jim Tymon, AASHTO's chief operating officer and formerly a federal budget specialist and staff director to the Highways and Transit Subcommittee for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, told the AASHTO Journal the Senate's proposed 2017 cut poses a stronger threat to states than many past rescissions. That's because of how quickly it would take effect and how narrowly it would apply.

Read more about how congressional action - or inaction - will affect infrastructure construction for the next 5 years in the AASHTO Journal's " AASHTO, States Ask Congress to Drop Plans to Rescind Billions in Highway Funds" article. Then, click over to the Federal Surface Transportation Authorization Portal for detailed updates.

Source: AASHTO