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Faraday Future Breaks Ground on $1 Billion Vegas Plant

Nevada is trending as the place to locate for building electric vehicles.

April 12, 2016

Image: Faraday Future



Faraday Future breaks ground Wednesday for its new $1 billion plant in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The 900-acre manufacturing facility is on track and will proceed with an aggressive construction timeline.

Quoted in the Business Insider, Faraday spokeswoman Stacy Morris said, "We’re moving as fast as we can. Normally, a project of this size would take approximately four years, and we're trying to cut it down to half the time while still doing it right."

The California-based company unveiled its first concept vehicle, named the FFZero 1, in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. Faraday says a newly patented power inverter developed by the company will manage its cars electric power "20 to 30 percent better" than competitors.

Faraday has promised a 2017 unveiling for the first of its road-going models.

Source: Business Insider UK

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