Fact Sheet Explains Quarry Impact On Groundwater

September 28, 2010

Courter Resource Group, Oshkosh, WI, an aggregate location and education consulting firm, has released a new four-page groundwater fact sheet designed to help neighbors, elected officials and pit/quarry operators hold informed conversations about pit and quarry operations.

The Groundwater Fact Sheet is an easy-to-understand leave-behind piece for one-on-one or group meetings.

Susan Courter, a geologist and materials location/education specialist, says the Groundwater Fact Sheet gives pit and quarry owners, elected officials and neighbors a shared understanding of the facts and a common language so discussions can focus on developing a strong plan for land use, rather than pitting one side against another.

The Fact Sheet puts complex geological concepts into common terms and includes sections on natural groundwater systems, groundwater quality, factors that influence it, and common well-water impurities and causes.

The fact sheet also explains how stone, gravel and other earth materials are extracted from above and below the water table. In addition, the fact sheet identifies best management practices pit and quarry operators can use to protect groundwater.

The Noise Fact Sheet is also available. For more information, contact www.courterresource.com.

Partial funding for development of the Groundwater Fact Sheet and Noise Fact Sheet was provided by the Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin. APW members can download the Fact Sheet free at the APW website.