Eye Trax Offers Mobile Application to Monitor Jobsites

October 22, 2015

Eye Trax jobsite security cameras can be monitored and programmed through Eye Trax’s User Interactive Mobile Application. Eye Trax security cameras users can log into a mobile-friendly website via any smartphone or tablet.

From there, users have access to all of the cameras in their network, where “live” images can be viewed from an individual camera, time-lapse videos can be created, photos and videos can be shared on social media platforms, and adjustments can be made to camera settings. Eye Trax User Interactive Mobile Application provides flexibility for business owners and site managers to monitor jobsites anywhere, at any time, as well as eliminates the need of a computer to interact with security cameras.

All of the data collected through the security cameras is stored on Eye Trax’s secure cloud-based server. To access the server, users log into the mobile application’s Camera Console, the command center for viewing multiple cameras and making quick adjustments to camera settings. Users can select individual camera locations and view all the images taken by that unit. In the settings area, the user can alter picture acquisitions frequency, setup notifications, and modify user settings.

By enabling push notifications, pictures will be sent to the user via text message (SMS) or email during the hours specified during the set-up process.

 Users can review these live images and determine if action is required. Combined with Eye Trax’s motion detection system, that uses an integrated passive infrared sensor to measure changes in thermal activity, this system reduces the number of false notifications.

The User Interactive Mobile Application is available for use with all Eye Trax security cameras and is part of the company’s standard software and service package.