Extra-Green-Friendly Rapid Repair Concrete

Staff | September 28, 2010

Ceratech's D..T.Line® is an environmentally-friendly, high-performance, rapid concrete repair product. Joining the company's non-Portland, non-epoxy construction repair materials, D.O.T.Line® comes in turn-key, pre-extended, 58 pound bags and is mixed and placed like traditional concrete.

Material Specifications

D.O.T.Line® was developed by combining non-hazardous, green sustainable waste stream materials into a cementitious mineral structure. This new material technology allows Ceratech to offer a cost effective, rapid repair concrete that is comprised of over 90 percent recycled materials and is specifically designed for horizontal to near horizontal applications, allowing for cost effective structural repair of roads, bridges or any other application where quick return to service is vital.

Ceratech Applications

To date, Ceratech products have been used extensively among U.S. military forces worldwide, successfully utilizing the company's advanced material technology for strategic purposes, including force protection for IEDs, aircraft runway repairs, infrastructure repair applications and rapid new construction. In addition, Ceratech applications are currently being utilized extensively municipalities, DOTs, aviation and port authorities throughout North America, where rapid return to service and shortened construction cycles are essential.

D.O.T.Line® has been engineered to address many of the issues posed by traditional construction materials, including a wide applicable temperature range of 30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, two-hour return to service time, high-early strength development, ease of mixing and placement, shrinkage, priming, and curing. With 20 minutes of working time, the product reaches compressive strengths of more than 2,500 psi within two hours from addition of water, finishes like traditional Portland-based concrete, and cleans up easily with water.