EPA Gifts $5 Million to Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to Promote Clean Big Rigs

December 16, 2010


Big rig trucks use a lot of diesel fuel but for a good and worthy cause. The backbone of our overland supply transport network puts on a significant number of miles every year, and the Environmental Protection Agency decided the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy was worthy of a $5 million award to help promote cleaner rig trucks.

SACE will use the funds to guarantee loans for the purchase of cleaner, retrofitted tractor-trailers at Rush Truck Centers through the Clean Trucks Make Cents program. Truckers who partake in the loan program will be driving cleaner big rigs and help promote better air quality. The EPA bestowed the funds to SACE to help the United States' area designated EPA Region 4, where 16 million residents endure pollution and smog levels that don't meet Federal standards for air quality.

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