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eDaily: Caterpillar D7E Electric-Drive Dozer

March 12, 2008

Caterpillar claims its 60,000-pound-weight-range D7E crawler dozer’s innovative electric drive system will deliver 25 percent more material moved per gallon of fuel than the D7R Series II. A 235-horsepower Cat C9 diesel drives a generator to produce electricity that ultimately powers two AC electric drive motors, which are connected to a differential steering system, final drives, and a low-sprocket undercarriage. The electric drive train has 60 percent fewer moving parts compared to previous D7s. The system also provides power to auxiliary components, eliminating engine belts. The D7E is the first electric drive dozer using modern AC technology, and the drive is developed by Caterpillar specifically for track-type tractors. The drive eliminates gears to shift, and is said to perform much like a hydrostatic drive, albeit with faster response to load demands. The D7E is expected to be commercially available in 2009.


D7E Electric Drive
Redefines Dozer Productivity


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The 988K XE has an electric drive system that uses the company’s switched reluctance technology.

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