Eaton to Provide Sumitomo Motors

March 4, 2014

Power management company Eaton announced a contract with Sumitomo Heavy Industries Inc. to supply track drive and swing drive motors for the company’s 7.5 ton crawler excavator. Eaton’s track drive and swing drive motors will help optimize performance for the machine.   

“High quality, high performance  equipment manufacturers like Sumitomo are looking for ways to keep operating and maintenance costs under control and to help fleet and operations managers be more productive and competitive,” said Jude Li, marketing manager for Eaton. “With Eaton’s JMV track drive motors and JMF swing drive motors, Sumitomo is able to meet specific system performance and customer requirements.”

A prototype of Sumitomo’s 7.5 ton crawler excavator was completed in 2013 and is expected to go into mass production in 2014.