Earthmoving Contractor Designs a New Scraper

Walt Moore | September 28, 2010

The design of the E-JECT/17 pull-type scraper, says its manufacturer, E-JECT Systems, allows self-loading, as well as push-loading and top-loading.

John Moyna is an enterprising man. The third-generation principal in the earthmoving firm of C.J. Moyna & Sons, Elkader, Iowa, he has expanded the core business, while keeping a critical eye for enhancing operating efficiencies. As it turns out, Moyna's drive for finding more effective ways to move dirt motivated him to develop a new pull-type scraper, the E-JECT/17, which he now manufactures in his 40,000-square-foot factory.

The new scraper, says Moyna, resulted from his experience with a range of both self-propelled and pull-type scraper designs. Among the heavy-duty elements incorporated into the E-JECT/17 are a bowl design that eliminates the need for draft arms, thus reducing width, weight and complexity, says Moyna, the use of Hardox steel for all interior bowl surfaces, and hydraulic components rated for 4,000-psi working pressures.

Rated at 17 cubic yards (heaped) and weighing nearly 25,000 pounds with radial tires, the E-JECT/17 is presently designed to work with certain Cat crawlers and the Challenger MT800 Series. The new scraper is sold through Caterpillar dealers.