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E-Commerce Giant Builds 21.5 Million Sq.Ft of Warehouse Space in 3 Months

Chinese e-commerce giant logistics growth rivals Amazon's

January 05, 2018, an Amazon-style online retailer and China's second largest e-commerce service, built 21.5 million square feet of warehouse space in just three months.

From July to September, the Beijing-based company added about one warehouse every two days, totaling 405 buildings at the end of September. According to a report in, the new storage spaces have enough warehouse capacity to store the whole city of Monaco.

All told, the company has about 96,875,193.75 square feet of enclosed storage space - equal to 3.5 square miles.

According to, the e-commerce giant is building inventory space at a rapid clip to service new markets including Indonesia. Unlike its competitor, Alibaba, retains control of its logistics operations rather than using third party vendors. The company says it has the largesr drone delivery system in the world.

By comparison, Amazon's leased and owned floor space grew by 1.4 square miles in 2016.

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