Drone Technology Drives Construction Industry Innovation

November 26, 2018
Drone flying through the sky.

With the construction industry continually evolving, the role of technology within the job sector has also improved. According to an article in GeoSpatial World, the use of drones in construction will see “a manifold growth,” within the next 10 years—lowering the cost of projects, increasing productivity, and improving surveying accuracy.

The magazine referenced a PwC report that said nearly 600,000 people will be employed in the drone industry by 2030. The report also said  drones will help to collate 3D information within the industry.

Another report by Goldman Sachs said the biggest use of commercial drones would be seen in the construction sector, mainly in surveying and mapping sites. Total global spending on drones in the commercial market is estimated at $100 billion.

Rob Walker, PwC, said, “Embedding drone flights in the construction lifecycle can provide a compelling ‘golden record’ of activity and we are already seeing tangible benefits from users.”

“Survey times can be 400 times faster than conventional methods, costs reduced by as much as 40 percent, and data can be shared via the cloud with multiple stakeholders anywhere in the world,” said Walker.

Source: GeoSpatial World