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Dozers on the Front Line

“There can be no liberation without the bulldozer”

May 30, 2017
Dozers on the front line in Iraq

In the fight against ISIS, bulldozers are moving the enemy back one block at a time. The Washington Post writes that armored bulldozers are so necessary to the fight to keep Iraq cities of Mosul, Famadi and Fallujah that if a dozer is knocked out, the day's operation is over.

Soldiers / dozer operators break through berms and other obstacles built by the Islamic State in the urban warzones, acting as mobile barriers as they mow over ISIS defenses. The fact that the machine's 12-foot blade acts as a minesweeper is an unintentional but welcomed side benefit of piloting the Caterpillar D7R through the streets.

The Washington Post's story takes you through what one 19-year old Iraqi soldier experiences in his machine and the dangers the operators face. Bulldozer drivers in the Federal Police call themselves "The Suiciders", one saying, "The infantry, they can hide behind a Humvee or a berm. I hide behind nothing.”

Read the rest of the Washington Post's Bulldozers have become more crucial — and more vulnerable — in the fight against the Islamic State story here:


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