Double-Duty Favco Installs Steel Poles

September 28, 2010

Built on a Caterpillar excavator-based power module, the Favco 30- and 40-ton-capacity telescoping cranes equipped with self-stowing auger drive can accomplish pole setting in rough terrain or on soft ground conditions.

Soft ground conditions and rough terrain can be challenging for pole setting. But Favco offers a solution with its crawler crane fitted with a self-stowing auger drive. The auger drive can be mounted at the end of the base boom or at the boom point for limited telescopic capability.

The auger option is available on Favco's 30- and 40-ton-capacity telescoping cranes that are built on a Caterpillar excavator-based power module including undercarriage, engine and cab. With standard 32-inch triple grouser pads, the machines have ground pressure of less than 8.0 psi for operation on soft surfaces versus the 60 to 105 psi for comparable tire-mounted rough-terrain cranes, according to Favco.

Highlines Construction of Westwego, La., took advantage of the auger attachment on a Favco Model 40T crane while rehabbing 4½ miles of transmission line by removing H-frame wooden poles and replacing them with steel poles.

The 40T was driven to the site to start drilling holes for the replacement poles. It featured a McMillen 14K2 two-speed auger drive with proportional speed control managed from a foot control pedal in the cab. It can handle either a 2- or 2 5/8-inch drive shaft and handle augers up to 48 inches in diameter. Torque is up to 14,000 ft.lbs. with rotational speeds up to 28 rpm and 6,600 ft.lbs. at speeds to 59 rpm.

Once the holes were drilled, the crane was used to set the bases for the new steel poles. The Favco was used throughout the job extracting the old wooden poles, lifting the new poles into position, and loading 22,000-pound spools of new wiring onto the pulling stand.