Doosan to Provide Telematics Package for All Heavy Equipment

October 30, 2014

Doosan Telematics will be standard on all Doosan heavy equipment, except the DX63-3 and DX85R-3 excavators. Each new Doosan machine that arrived at Doosan dealerships after July 1, 2014, came with a complimentary three-year subscription, including prepaid wireless service.

Customers can monitor their Doosan equipment remotely from an Internet-enabled device and an upgraded Doosan Telematics website called CoreTMS. After the three years of prepaid wireless service expires, customers will have the option to purchase a service extension. Doosan customers who have an active telematics subscription can access the new CoreTMS website for machine details and reports.

Elements of the system include GPS location, Q-Pro wireless data modem and service, and satellite antenna and service.

Reports include:

  • Fleet status
  • Machine details
  • Location of the machine (position displayed on Google Maps™ mapping service)
  • Operating hours
  • Fuel usage
  • Engine idle time vs. work time (revolutions per minute)
  • Error codes
  • Engine and hydraulic oil temperatures
  • Maintenance history
  • Next maintenance time
  • Utilization reports, including graphs