Doosan Portable Offers Genset Package for Extreme Cold

December 17, 2012

Doosan Portable Power has introduced the Tundra Package, a collection of special features designed specifically for mobile generators operating in extreme cold.

The various components of the Tundra Package include enhancements proven to improve engine starting and reliability, and ensure generators will run in temperatures as low as -40 F, according to the company.

Highlights of the Tundra Package include an engine coolant heater that keeps the engine and cooling system warm—a feature Doosan says results in quicker starting time and less battery grind. A complimentary oil pan heater keeps the engine oil less viscous, resulting in better and faster circulation throughout the engine, reducing wear on vital components.

To further assist with engine startup, high-capacity cranking batteries are equipped with a heating element to prevent the electrolyte from freezing. And, to ensure that the battery does not lose charge in subzero conditions, a battery charger is also included to help make sure that sufficient cranking amps are available to start the generator.