Don't Blink Your Eyes!

September 28, 2010

JCB DIESEMAX and diesel engine
The engines in the DIESEMAX are based on JCB's 444 off-road diesel, which, according to the company, required five years and $140 million to develop.

If you do, you'll probably miss seeing the DIESELMAX, a sleek, 29-foot-long, 3-ton "diesel streamliner," with which JCB will attempt to break the "FIA, class-10, supercharged diesel streamliner" record, which now stands at 235.756 mph. (FIA is the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile, the governing body for worldwide motor sport.)

Powering DIESELMAX are two, 750-bhp, two-staged-turbo diesel engines, based on JCB's four-cylinder, 4.4-liter diesel engine (the 444) developed for use in construction machines.

RAF pilot, Andy Green, who set the first-ever supersonic land-speed record at 763.035 mph in 1997, will drive the DIESELMAX. Although it is not designed for supersonic speeds, it is said to be twice as fast as a Formula 1 car. The record attempt will take place at the Bonneville (Utah) Salt Flats in mid-August.