Ditch Witch Offers GPS Equipment, Vehicle Trackers

November 12, 2010

Through its worldwide dealership network, the Ditch Witch organization now offers optional GPS systems for tracking and managing both construction and non-construction equipment.

These state-of-the-art systems are web-based, with no software to install, so they are accessible from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Each GPS system can be configured for daily updates or for 5- or 10-second live tracking, the fastest updates in the industry.

The Ditch Witch equipment tracker is offered as part of a comprehensive planned maintenance program that can include monitoring of a customer's equipment’s hours of operation by the dealer. With this feature, the dealer can inform the customer when it’s time to schedule an appointment for equipment service.

The equipment tracker also can be used to locate stolen equipment and help prevent theft. With the GPS system's "geo-fence" feature, an automatic notification is sent out⊢ia text message or e-mail&idash;f the equipment goes outside of the fence.

The Ditch Witch vehicle tracker is designed to track and manage non-construction equipment via GPS. Capabilities of this device include remote locking and unlocking of vehicles, monitoring of vehicle-mounted pumps, theft detection, and monitoring of driver activities. Customers can choose the types of monitoring services that fit their needs and budget.

Both the equipment tracker and vehicle tracker are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so they can be installed in a concealed location. Each device is engineered with a rugged housing and solid-state circuitry for reliable performance in tough jobsite conditions. For more information about the new Ditch Witch equipment and vehicle trackers, please call 800-654-6481 or visit ditchwitch.com.