Ditch Witch Introduces Tier 4 HDDs

September 11, 2015
Ditch Witch Introduces Tier 4 HDDs

The new Ditch Witch Tier 4 HDD models increases underground project productivity and competitiveness. Tier 4 engines are available on all models with the JT60 and JT100 coming in early 2016.

The  SaverLok System within the new Tier 4 HDD models maintains the connection between the drill pipe and drive system to protect against drill pipe wear and tear

Heavy-duty anchor systems, open-top vise wrenches, improved HDD tooling, more intuitive operator interfaces and more easily accessible service points simplify operation and servicing.

Engineers included a controller area network (CAN) system in many models as well as integrated remote displays to improve the operator’s ability to control and monitor equipment performance.