Diesel Pickup Sets Land-Speed Record

September 28, 2010

Dodge Dakota pickup truck
World's fastest pickup, a street-legal Dakota powered by Cummins, topped 213 miles per hour.

In October, Gale Banks Engineering proved its street-legal, Cummins-powered Dodge Dakota is the world's fastest pickup by running more than 213 miles per hour at Bonneville.

The 700-horsepower truck, named Project Sidewinder, pulled a trailer full of spare parts onto the Salt Flats. With a change of tires, it broke the speed record for diesel pickup trucks at an average speed of 182.613 mph. Banks refined the tuning and with the 5.9-liter Cummins producing over 1,300 foot-pounds of torque, they set a new National Land Speed Record for all pickups (diesel or gasoline) of 213.583 mph.

Banks plans to test Project Sidewinder on the drag strip, on road-race courses, and the street before returning to Bonneville next year. For complete details on Project Sidewinder, go to www.bankspower.com/banks_sidewinder.cfm