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Developers Apply to Build $4 Billion Theme Park in Arizona

15,000 workers for build out of destination resort to rival Florida's Disney World

February 23, 2017

The Block Sports Company, based in Orlando, Fla., has filed proposal documents to build a 1,500-acre amusement park and destination resort in Casa Grande, Ariz., 45 miles southeast of Phoenix at the intersection of I-8 and I-10.

Named Dreamport Villages, the project includes an extreme sports park, awild animal and rides park, water park, hotels entertainment and meeting facilities, RV park, and supporting restaurants and retail amenities built around a lake and canal system. The developers plan a future Amtrak rail station, movie studio, and college campus annex at the site.

Electricity will be generated using a bio-digester that is part of a closed-loop waste water treatment facility.

Developers Ron Segall and Rudy Camp estimate the buildout will need 15,000 workers and could take up to ten years to complete. The first phase of construction planned for a soft opening in 2019 and major opening in 2020.

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