Deutz to Supply Remans for JLG Reconditioning Program

April 25, 2016

Deutz will provide JLG with Deutz Xchange remanufactured engines for JLG’s aerial work platform (AWP) reconditioning program.

“JLG was particularly pleased with the three-year transferrable warranty that we offer on all our Deutz Xchange engines,” said Robert Mann, Deutz president/CEO. “That warranty, our quality product and the fact that our remanufactured engines can be serviced by any Deutz distributor were key factors that helped us earn this business.”

According to Christopher Mellott, JLG Industries vice president of aftermarket sales in North America, “JLG has very strict OEM guidelines that we follow for all of our reconditioned products. Our scope of work is very detailed, making our reconditioning program similar to our new manufacturing program.  In the end, customers receive a machine that has the same reliability as a new one.”

As part of the reconditioning program, AWP engines are remanufactured or resealed, and the machine’s boom is refurbished.  This program provides buyers looking to grow their fleets or replace worn equipment with another option at approximately half the cost of a new unit. It also reduces the amount of material destined for landfills, saving 12 tons of steel, water and other resources when compared to manufacturing a new machine.

To supply JLG with enough remanufactured engines for its reconditioning program, Deutz’s Pendergrass, Ga., facility has increased production from approximately five engines per day to eight.  A streamlined process will allow Deutz to deliver Xchange engines to JLG’s Bedford, Pa., facility on a just-in-time basis, controlling inventory costs while still meeting JLG customers’ expectations on turn-around time for their machines.

Sources: Deutz, JLG