Denton-James Award for LA I-49

Staff | September 28, 2010

A contract for the $20.9-million, 2-mile-long "Segment A" was awarded to Denton-James LLC and is scheduled to begin spring 2009 and be completed spring 2010. Segment A includes the construction of an overpass at Ida State Line Road and a second overpass at LA 168, and will be the first segment of the I-49 North project to begin pouring concrete. The estimated cost of the entire I-49 North project is $600 million.

I-49 in Louisiana currently begins in Lafayette and ends in Shreveport. The 36-mile I-49 North project will construct a four-lane interstate with a 4-foot inside shoulder and a 10-foot outside shoulder from I-220 in Shreveport to the Arkansas state line, where the interstate eventually will travel through Arkansas and Missouri.