Demolition Presents Challenges

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

Adamo Demolition Co., of Detroit, is the general contractor/demolition contractor for the Slab Mill Demolition and Site Preparation project at SeverStal North America, Inc.'s Dearborn steel mill site. The slab mill building being demolished is approximately 150,000 square feet and has approximately 8,000 tons to 10,000 tons of steel, which will be recycled and used in SeverStal's operation. FTP Processing is recycling the steel on site. Demolition also includes 12,000 cubic yards of concrete that will also be recycled and reused on site. Selective demolition of a soaking pit building and demolition of two cooling towers is also being carried out. Environmental work on the project has included asbestos abatement, removing Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) transformers, and some oil removal. Work on the project began in November 2007 and demolition work will be completed in July.

"We are responsible for preparing the site because there wasn't a general contractor on site yet for the new cold mill. So, we took the entire package. What we've been doing there for the last several months is working with SeverStal engineers and designing a method to keep the existing plant going. We have electrical, mechanical, concrete, environmental, and new steel subcontractors working for us. We're doing relocation work so that the present steel mill can stay in operation. Then we're going to tear down the existing slab mill," Rick Cuppetilli, project manager for Adamo Demolition, said.

The building that is being demolished is between two existing buildings that are remaining in operation. A new wall is being constructed for the building to the west, because it attaches to the building being demolished.

Adamo did selective demolition on the interior of the existing slab mill structure so that the electrical subcontractor and the mechanical subcontractor could reroute new utilities to the basement. "We did some preliminary exterior demolition as well, which consisted of taking down a crane bay for access to the building," Cuppetilli said.

Cuppetilli also said that the challenges on this project have been making openings and clearing areas in order to re-resource electrical, oxygen and water lines.

Adamo Demolition is using a Cat 385 Ultra Hi-Reach with a LaBounty MP-20 multi-processor attachment, a Cat 375 with a LaBounty grapple attachment, a Cat 365 with a LaBounty grapple attachment, a Cat 345 with a breaker, a Cat 345 with a bucket, a Cat 330, a Cat 325, and a Cat 966 front-end loader.

Adamo has placed compacted fill around the new utilities in the basement. The first floor slab of the slab mill structure is concrete and steel. "Using the Ultra Hi-Reach, we are going to demolish the slab mill building down to the first floor concrete. We will take all of that material off, then selectively break the concrete and pulverize the concrete without damaging the buried utilities," Cuppetilli said. The main building demolition was to begin on May 1.

"Once we demolish it, we are going to continue with some of the new electrical and concrete work, which can't be done until we demolish a portion of the building. Then we will totally backfill the site and compact it. At that point the site preparation will be complete," Cuppetilli said, adding that working around the new utilities in the basement after the structure is demolished will be challenging.

Once the site preparation is completed, the new general contractor that will build the new facility will take over the site. SeverStal is modernizing its operations to a state-of-the-art facility.

Subcontractors on the project include National Environmental, Slifco Electric, Power Process Piping (mechanical work), Rudolph Libbe (concrete work), and Monarch Welding (new siding and steel work).


Project: Slab Mill Demolition and Site Preparation for SeverStal North America, Inc.

General contractor/demolition contractor: Adamo Demolition Co., of Detroit