Delphi Facility Comes Down

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

Environmental work in preparation for demolition of the one-story Delphi Technological Center in Flint, MI, began in January and demolition began in February. The project is expected to be completed in June. The facility includes an office building, a larger technical center building and some other smaller buildings. The technological center tested engines and other products.

The project involves demolishing approximately 400,000 square feet. The facility was steel and masonry. The project has included asbestos abatement and environmental cleaning.

"The challenges on this project involve completing the environmental work, because it's such a congested facility with all of the different chambers and mezzanines that they used for testing facilities. We need to thoroughly go through every nook and cranny. There are miles of stainless steel piping above the mezzanines that ran from a fuel farm outside. Tracing all of that down and cleaning all of that out is the major challenge on this project," Rick Cuppetilli, project manager for Adamo Demolition Company, of Detroit, MI, said. Adamo Demolition Company is the general contractor and demolition contractor for the project.

"We start at one end and we move right through. The asbestos crew goes through first. Our cleaning crew comes through behind them and takes out all of the waste. Then the oil and fuel crew comes through and blows out all of the oil and fuel lines, drains all of the tanks and barrels, and then cleans the floor. The demolition crew follows them," Cuppetilli said. He said that meeting the schedule is also a challenge.

Major material quantities on the project include approximately 4,000 tons of steel and approximately 150,000 pounds of non-ferrous materials (aluminum, stainless steel and copper). The project will have approximately 9,000 tons of demolition debris. Adamo Demolition Company is recycling all of the block walls and brick walls.

Cuppetilli said that Adamo Demolition Company determines equipment needs based on the size of the project and the schedule.

"The size of the structure will determine the size of the machines we bring in. We own machines from Cat 385 Ultra High Demolition excavators down to the smallest Bobcat. The number of machines we use on a project is determined by the duration of the project," Cuppetilli said. Cuppetilli estimated that there will be a maximum of seven machines on the Delphi Technological Center project.

"We are primarily using hydraulic excavators on this project. We are using a Cat 385 with a rotary shear," Cuppetilli said. Adamo is also using a Cat 345B with a LaBounty grapple, a Cat 330 with a LaBounty shear to cut and prepare the steel, and a Cat 325 with a LaBounty grapple to load sheet metal and separate the debris piles.

Subcontractors on the project include ESS, of Roseville, MI (asbestos abatement), and Powervac, of Novi, MI (environmental cleaning).


Project: Demolition of the Delphi Technological Center in Flint, MI

General contractor and demolition contractor: Adamo Demolition Company, of Detroit, MI