Deficient Bridges

Staff | September 28, 2010

TxDOT has released a list of the state's 2,024 structurally deficient bridges. This number represents 4 percent of the state's approximately 50,000 bridges. The term "structurally deficient" has been mischaracterized in public news accounts as a bridge that is unsafe. It is actually government-speak used by the FHWA to classify and prioritize bridges for federal funding. Structurally deficient bridges receive priority for limited rehabilitation on replacement funds from the federal government. TxDOT closes any bridges that are actually unsafe or present an imminent public danger.

TxDOT staff reported in June that more than $6 billion would need to be transferred from new construction to routine maintenance to ensure the safety and quality of the state's highway system over the next five years. The list of structurally deficient bridges may be viewed at