Deere's New Telematics ROI Calculator

March 8, 2016

Whether your fleet is telematic-equipped or you are considering upgrading your fleet management system to cut costs using telematic data, Deere's new online JDLink ROI Estimator Tool will give you a quick and easy way to prove to yourself how harnessing your equipment's technology saves you money.

Deere designed the ROI Estimator to verify cost savings when customers are looking at upgrades and license renewals. "Renewing JDLink licenses and upgrading hardware can be a significant expense, "says Paul Garcia, manager of Deere's WorkSight products. "The return on investment calculation demonstrates the value of using JDLink to optimize your operations."

The online tool is easy to use. Just fill in the your operational input values such as average fuel cost, hours in service each day, and current idle times. Then add your Deere machine's type and model, such as a Deere 310K IT4 backhoe. Hit the calculate button and the ROI Estimator gives you a PDF graphic that shows your personalized annual fuel savings, monthly costs per operating mode, and ROI timeline. You can enter just one machine or your entire fleet. Adjust the inputs for variables.

 Let the ROI Estimator create a PDF for your files and take it to your dealer to talk about how to reach your goals.