Deere Trains Operators Via PC

Staff | September 28, 2010

Folding accessories to a PC-based training simulator allow operators to sharpen their skills at several excavator tasks by working to a job "budget" affected by their actions.

John Deere has integrated web learning, PC-based simulation, instructor-led training, and proven instructional strategies to create a total operator-training solution. Real-world tasks, safety focus, and portability ensure that operators can be trained no matter where they are. The John Deere Excavator Simulator, available through dealers, challenges trainees to set up for trenching, set a trench box, dig a level trench, pick and place pipe, load a truck from a bench, park at the end of the day, and load onto a trailer.

Scores are based on a jobsite budget in which operator and owning and operating costs are tabulated. Profit per yard is calculated on the production tasks. Operators appreciate their contribution or recognize their deduction from jobsite funds based on performance. Real-time feedback allows trainees to correct mistakes and be made aware of potential hazards before they are encountered.

During assessment mode, learner performance is securely recorded in an integrated database. Dusty Terry, a professional operator from Knife River says, "this simulator could cut two weeks off training and make an operator 60 percent more trained when put on a machine."