Deere Strengthens Durability of Planetary Augers

October 27, 2017
John Deere has upgraded its planetary auger models with new motor and planetary designs.

John Deere has upgraded its planetary auger models with new motor and planetary designs.

The PA15B and PA30B augers are designed for John Deere skid steers, compact track loaders (CTLs), compact excavators and compact four-wheel-drive loaders, along with most competitive models.

Deere's  B-Series augers have enhanced hydraulic motors with a higher-rated operating pressure. An upgraded integral motor and planetary gearbox housing bring the planetary gear set closer to the motor, decreasing motor stress. A five-gear gearbox with an updated input shaft and shaft seal were designed for increased durability.

For heavy-duty work in terrains such as rock and clay, the max torque rating on the PA30B has been increased from 4,166 to 4,500 lb.-ft.

The PA15B and PA30B models maintain the reverse rotation feature of their predecessors, which allows quick back-out when obstructions are encountered, and sheds dirt from the auger when working in wet conditions. To further enhance ease of use, the universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system allows operators to switch from one type of attachment to another within seconds.

The PA15B and PA30B models are compatible with a variety of auger bit styles and diameters, including standard 4- to 6-inch, 9- to 12-inch rock and frost, and 18- to 36-inch tree and shrub.

"Powerful and productive, augers are indispensable attachments for tough digging projects — so we sought to offer our most robust models yet," said Jessica Hill, program manager, global attachments at John Deere. "The B-Series augers are packed with durability-enhancing features to optimize job site performance and minimize wear and tear."