Deere Offers 6-Way PAT Blade on 950K Crawler Dozer

September 22, 2017
John Deere 950K PAT bulldozer has a John Deere 9.0L engine with 280 horsepower

The John Deere 950K crawler dozer is now available with a Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) blade.

“As PAT blades have become increasingly popular on mid-size dozers such as the 850K, customers have inquired about adding the feature to a larger model. The 950K PAT answers their calls and gives customers the power to move large amounts of dirt with the versatility to do finish work,” said Nathan Horstman, Deere's crawler dozers product marketing manager."

The 950K PAT dozer is powered by an EPA T-4F John Deere 9.0L engine with 280 horsepower, featuring a hydrostatic powertrain that will get approximately 15 percent more power to the ground versus a conventional torque-converter powertrain, says Deere.

The 8.6 cubic yard, six-way PAT blade allows operators to place material where they want it on every pass using the blade angle feature,  enhancing productivity by completing several tasks that might otherwise require multiple machines.

Equipped with standard electrohydraulic (EH) controls, the 950K PAT is grade-control ready, making adding a grade-control system as easy as plugging in the components, calibrating and going to work. Deere’s open-architecture design lets customers easily install their choice of Topcon, Trimble or Leica grade-control system.

Source: John Deere