DBM Completes Two Excavation Support Projects

Staff | September 28, 2010

Seattle— DBM Contractors Inc. has completed a $700,000 excavation support job for construction of the Aspira, a 37-story, mixed-use residential tower at 1823 Terry Ave. in Seattle.

The project was a design-build soil nail wall with 98 vertical elements and more than 500 soil nails for the nearly 20,000 square feet of wall area. The project was complicated by adjacent utilities and buildings that restricted location and length of soil nails.

When completed in 2010, Aspira will house 325 apartment homes, more than 6,000 square feet of retail space and 355 parking stalls. Urban Partners is developing the project, Turner Construction Co. is building the project, and Keller CMS is providing project delivery services. Shoring design was provided by Ground Support PLLC of Redmond, Wash.

DBM has also completed the excavation support for the Pratt Park Apartments located at 1800 South Jackson St. in Seattle. The shoring, designed by Golder Associates of Redmond, Wash., incorporated some existing basement walls into the shoring system. Soil nails were installed through the existing basement walls and strut nails were installed below the walls to secure them. The finished system included 37 vertical elements, 550 soil nails and 17,500 square feet of shotcrete facing. The contract amount for the excavation support was $670,000.

The project is being developed by Legacy Partners, and Legacy Partners Builders Inc. is the general contractor.