Datastick New Portable Balancer

September 28, 2010

The new Datastick® BAL-2000™ Balancer, from Datastick Systems, Inc., is a portable, USB-powered balancing system for Windows desktop and laptop computers. Its single-plane or two-plane balancing system includes a phase-reference laser tachometer and one or two ICP®-type accelerometers.

"Being a portable, stand-alone balancer and not an add-on to a vibration analyzer, the BAL-2000 enables one person to be balancing one piece of equipment while another is collecting vibration measurements elsewhere. It enables both instruments to remain simple to use," said Derek Norfield, Datastick director of applications.

The phase-reference laser tachometer has programmable gain for optimizing performance in any environment. The visual readout shows signal level and phase tracking using an analog waveform. An adjustable low-pass filter enhances phase signal stability.