Daewoo Solar-V Models Have Green Engines

September 28, 2010

The Earthmoving Report in our August issue, page 87, mistakenly identified the operating weights of certain Daewoo Solar-V hydraulic excavator models as "pounds," when in fact these weights were given in kilograms.

The models misidentified are the Solar 175 LC-V through Solar 470 LC-V crawler models. The operating weights in pounds for these machines are as follows: 175 LC-V, 38,360; 225 LC-V, 47,400; 255 LC-V, 54,200; 300 LC-V, 65,270; 340 LC-V, 74,700; 420 LC-V, 90,830; and 470 LC-V, 103,400. We apologize for the error.