Customized Training Tools Available

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Arxcis Hard Hat Training Series is a CD-based program that gives instructors the latitude to tailor material to the specific audience.

Arxcis, a provider of industrial training and of OSHA-accredited crane-inspection services, has recently developed its Hard Hat Training Series, which is a "customizable" CD-based series that allows instructors to use the material "as is," or to tailor it to particular situations. Local content could include, for example, added test questions, photos to illustrate specific jobsites, and company policies on work and safety issues.

Among the programs available are those addressing aerial-work platforms, telescopic handlers, conventional forklifts, boom trucks, rough-terrain cranes, overhead cranes, excavators and trench safety. Instructors can print student manuals and tests directly from the CD, in any quantity required.

Each Hard Hat Training CD includes applicable OSHA regulations and PowerPoint slides that address accident profiles and safety tips. Each CD-based training package costs $375, or $395 in Spanish.