Cushman Offers Roll-Over Protection Systems for Hauler Utility Vehicles

January 14, 2015

Cushman is now offering optional Roll-Over Protection Systems (ROPS) for its full line of Hauler utility vehicles. Previously available only by custom request, ROPS can now be specified for all Hauler, Hauler X and Hauler PRO models.

“Offering ROPS for our work utility vehicles reflects Cushman’s commitment to safety,” said Joel Stevens, director of product strategy for Cushman. “Jobsite safety is a number one priority for the operators who use our work vehicles each day, so we have enhanced our safety offerings to meet this need.”  

Unlike Operator Protective Systems, ROPS is tested to a higher standard and does more than simply protecting vehicle operators and passengers from a lateral impact in the event of an accident. ROPS provides full rollover protection and helps absorb the impact during an accidental rollover.

Cushman’s ROPS include seatbelts, headrests and protective side netting in addition to 1.75-inch tubular frames to assist in smooth rolling. Operator Protective Systems use a 1-inch square frame structure, which is not as effective as the tubular design in dampening the impact during a roll. ROPS are also tested and held to more stringent standards by the International Organization for Standardization, an independent, non-governmental membership organization dedicated to ensuring products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Customers can add optional ROPS to any of Cushman’s Hauler models, including:


Cushman’s original Hauler UTV offers a 13-hp Kawasaki gas-powered engine or zero-emissions 48-volt electric drivetrain and 800- to 1,200-pound load capacities. An optional limited slip differential delivers better traction with less turf damage to wet or uneven terrain. The Hauler comes standard with a roto-molded polyethylene bed, and an optional aluminum cargo bed can be ordered. 

Hauler X

The Hauler X combines the versatility of the Hauler with added power for heavier-duty jobs. It’s built for tough jobs requiring extra torque, yet it doesn't compromise comfort or style. Higher ground clearance and a rot-molded cargo bed make it easy to accomplish rugged tasks. Three Hauler X models are available: the Hauler 800X with a 13.5hp gas engine or 48-volt drive train, the Hauler 1200X with a 13.5hp, 401cc gas engine or the Hauler 1500X with a 16-hp, 480cc V-twin gas engine.

Hauler PRO

Cushman’s Hauler PRO provides the range and power once exclusive to gas-powered machines in a silent, zero-emissions vehicle. The Hauler PRO features a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain, upgraded from more traditional 48-volt systems, that offers up to 50 miles of range between charges. The patented AC Drive technology also ensures that the Hauler maintains consistent power and performance from the first pre-dawn chores to the last light of dusk, without the noisy drone of a gas engine.