Cummins, Zonar Partner on Fleet Management

August 9, 2017
Cummins Zonar partnership to deliver telematics fleet information

Cummins Connected Diagnostics and Zonar's V3 smart fleet management solution have partnered to deliver fleet information to operations managers.

By obtaining data through Zonar's V3 telematics control unit, Cummins Connected Diagnostics wirelessly connects engines to Cummins for immediate diagnosis of engine fault alerts.

Using unique Cummins algorithms, the company says, Connected Diagnostics prioritizes engine fault information and translates it into clear, actionable recommendations that are immediately sent to operations managers.

Fleet managers can then quickly intervene when service is needed immediately, or can proactively schedule servicing to prevent progressive damage to a vehicle.

"Offering even more of our customers access to Connected Diagnostics through Zonar's V3 device, we're able to deliver the information our customers need to avoid unexpected downtime and maintenance costs, as well as improve efficiencies across their operations," said Sherry Aaholm, VP/CIO at Cummins.

"We believe that by offering the advantages of Connected Diagnostics through Zonar telematics, Cummins engine customers will be empowered with actionable data to proactively manage their engines and increase the uptime of their vehicles," said Larry Jordan, Chief Product Officer at Zonar. "We see a large opportunity to help more fleets maintain a high level of fleet performance and safety while on the road through our Cummins relationship."

Cummins Connected Diagnostics is available on vehicles operating with Zonar's V3 solution. For existing Zonar customers, Connected Diagnostics can be enabled with an easy over- the-air update. To learn more, visit or

Source: Cummins


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