Cummins' Uptime Guarantee

September 28, 2010

In a move to build customer confidence in its post-October diesels with exhaust-gas recirculation, Cummins has extended its Uptime Guarantee to the end of this year. The guarantee applies to ISX and ISM engines purchased and built between Oct. 1, 2002, and Dec. 31, 2003. The guarantee's original end date was March 31, 2003.

With the guarantee, if any part on a customer's ISX or ISM engine fails and can't be repaired within a 24-hour period, Cummins will reimburse the owner for up to three days' truck rental. As of March, owners of only six of more than 4,200 affected engines claimed benefits under the guarantee. None of the six engines had faults with their EGR systems.

Cummins also introduced a "same day or we pay" parts availability guarantee. The QuickServe program covers certain in-shop repairs with a standard repair time of four hours or less. If repairs cannot be done on the same day, Cummins will offer a $75 credit toward future parts and service. For off-highway customers, Cummins guarantees that a qualified technician will be dispatched within four hours or the customer will get the $75 credit.