Cummins Sulfur Tolerance Kit Gives 'Second Life' to Resale Exports

January 21, 2016

Exporting used Tier 4 equipment to areas of the world that do not use ULSD fuels has been made easier with Cummins Sulfur Tolerance Kit. Fleet managers seeking to resell equipment into these regions can fit their Tier 4 machines with the Cummins kit that will allow an engine to be operated on fuels containing far more sulfur than ULSD by removing aftertreatment components and modifying the engine control system, thus enabling a second life for the engine outside of regulated regions.

"The release of Cummins Sulfur Tolerance Kit broadens resale opportunity for customers, allowing them to sell used emissions-compliant equipment into non-emissionized countries," said Hugh Foden, Cummins Executive Director - Off-Highway Business. "Additionally, the kits increase the flexibility of Cummins products, making them capable of operating globally."

The Cummins kit is currently available for Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB QSB6.7, QSL9 and QSX15 engines, and will extend across the entire product lineup during 2016. The Cummins Sulfur Tolerance Kit includes new engine calibration and hardware, depending on engine model, and is solely intended for used engines that are exported into non-regulated regions. Information on the purchase and installation of the Sulfur Tolerance Kit is available from Cummins distributors and Cummins Care Europe.

Source: Cummins