Cummins Integrated Power Pairs Engines, Transmissions

March 6, 2018

Cummins has introduced Cummins Integrated Power, which included “expertly paired engines and transmissions,” componentry, advanced electronic engine features, and connected technologies.

“As a global, independent supplier, Cummins is uniquely positioned to work with a variety of partners and suppliers to provide the broadest portfolio of integrated power to our customers,” said Srikanth Padmanabhan, President of Cummins Engine Business.

“Technology integration plays a huge role in how effective a customer’s operations can be,” said Mike Taylor, General Manager – Global Powertrain Integration.  “Cummins has the knowledge and experience that allows us to optimize key technologies to deliver the power our customers expect.”

In the medium-bore space, an integrated X12 powertrain will offer customers the lightest solution on the market today, Cummins said.  With hundreds of pounds shed, the integrated X12 powertrain allows the customer to carry more freight on the vehicle.  The X12 weighs in at 2,050 pounds and has a peak rating of up to 500 hp.  Further weight reduction is achieved when the X12 is paired with the Endurant transmission, which is the lightest, most efficient 1,850 ft. lb. of torque capable transmission in the industry, Cummins says.  And, when the Single Module aftertreatment system from Cummins Emission Solutions is applied, up to 40 percent more weight is saved when compared to earlier emissions systems. 

In the big-bore space, an integrated X15 powertrain is designed with total cost of ownership in mind. The X15 engine features reduced maintenance over prior 15L models from Cummins, with a 50,000-mile oil drain interval, but can reach up to an 80,000-mile interval through the Cummins OilGuard program. 

Additional maintenance reduction is achieved when using the Endurant, which offers a transmission oil change interval for line haul applications of 750,000 miles.  The Single Module aftertreatment offers longer ash cleaning intervals for many customer applications.

With each of these integrated diesel powertrains harnessing the power of the ADEPT suite from Cummins, customers can achieve even greater fuel economy gains with no impact to productivity, harnessing the electronic capabilities of the engine and transmission to make powertrain control decisions in real time. 

Source: Cummins