Crawler Crane Collapses in NYC, Kills 1 (VIDEO)

February 5, 2016



A crawler crane fell over in lower Manhattan, killing one pedestrian and injuring three others. The boom measured about 565 feet, with a 330-ton capacity, and was being used by Galasso Trucking & Rigging. Bay Crane owns the crane. An extension to the boom had been added the day before, although it is unknown whether the machine actually made lifts with the extension prior to the accident.

The crane's boom crushed cars parked along Worth Street, in the city's Tribeca area. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, winds of 20-mph were reported, and the crane operation was limited to 25 mph. The investigation is ongoing, including an interview of the crane operator.

The street will reportedly be closed for several days as damaged buildings are inspected; all tower cranes in the City were shut down.

An amateur video was posted on YouTube. Warning: Language