County Sues Contractor Over Safety Issues & Project Delays

September 18, 2015

Santa Clara County issued a lawsuit against the lead contractor hired to expand Valley Medical Center and locked the contractor out of the construction site, reports San Jose Inside

The lawsuit accuses Turner Construction of falling behind schedule, causing the $380 million project to go over budget. The county also released footage of a steam explosion at the worksite to highlight a lapse in safety. 

In turn, Turner Construction blames the county for delays.

"The county’s actions guarantee that the medical center will not be completed as expeditiously or economically as Turner proposed," Turner spokesman Chris McFadden said in a press release. 

"Instead, the county chose to resolve the parties’ disputes in the court of public opinion and the California Superior Court of Santa Clara County.”

According to San Jose Inside, Turner Construction and the county have been disputing over work quality, building codes, safety issues and schedule since the project began in 2009.