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Contractor Using AI to To Build Worker-Safety Predictor

New technology looks at jobsite images to determine future accident risk percentage

June 13, 2018


MIT's Technology Review has posted a fascinating article that discusses how a Boston contractor is using visual data such as jobsite photos to analyze and predict worker safety incidents.

Suffolk is a $3 billion a year general contractor who is leading the trend towards leveraging the mountains of data it collects from its projects and with the use of advanced analytics create online dashboard summaries of jobs to view details on each one’s finances, safety record, schedule, and more. 

In particular, Suffolk is creating predictive algorithms designed to manage construction risks. It built its worker-safety predictor by taking more than 700,000 images from 360 projects over the past 10 years, uploading them to a cloud-based platform developed by the startup , and running an image recognition algorithm to identify whether workers were wearing hard hats, gloves, and safety vests and goggles. The tagged photos, along with other project data, are then summarized for use in safety training and predictions.

Read more on how Suffolk is using emerging technology in MIT's AI Could Help The Construction Industry Work Faster—And Keep Its Workforce Accident-Free here.

Product overview demo video - Thank you

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