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This Contractor Gets It - Saves 20 Workers

Gilbane Building Company urges OSHA for more protection for its workers

May 09, 2016

Finally, a contractor who wants to do more than what OSHA requires to keep workers safe.

Gilbane Building says 20 of its workers were saved in the last five years because the company has a much more stringent and effective in-house fall protection protocol.

William Gilbane III, head of the firms New York office, announced last week, “We are proposing that [OSHA] adopt the six-foot tie-off rule that we have on our sites, and that it become a new standard for working at height in New York.”

Gilbane already has its own internal policy that requires all of their workers to hook into two safely attachments when more than six feet above ground, a safety standard much more stringent than federal or other groups require.

Read more in Crain's New York Business here:

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