Construction Worker Impaled on Rebar at Manhattan Construction Site

January 27, 2016

According to New York's WPIX-TV, an unidentified man fell five stories into the basement level of a 12-story building at a Manhattan construction site Monday morning. The construction site is located at 34 West 17th Street in New York.

The victim worked for New Empire Builder Corporation. New York Buildings Commissioner, Rick Chandler, said the worker fell off of a ladder while installing sheet rock on a ceiling frame.

A co-worker said there were no safety caps on the points of the rebar.

The building was properly permitted, Chandler said, but has a track record of safety violations. The Department of Buildings in August levied a $1,000 fine on the developers for unsafe or improper use of elevator or hoisting equipment. The hoist way doors were not secured "causing an immediate hazard that could cause someone to fall down the shaft way," according to public records. The violation also penalized them for "failure to maintain the building in a code compliant manner."

New Empire Builder Corp. has been fined a total of $19,600 for six serious violations in 2015, including one in which the firm failed to have fall protection on a job site.

Fire officials say he was impaled by multiple pieces of rebar and taken to Bellevue hospital, conscious, in serious but stable condition.

Source: WPIX-TV