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Construction Lifters

Construction Lifters adjustable Load Lifter is a crane attachment.

August 01, 2008

Construction Lifters Load Lifter crane attachmentConstruction Lifters adjustable Load Lifter is a crane attachment. Lifting bail adjusts to the correct center of gravity for handling different sized loads. Throat opening adjusts for different load heights. Tri-Adjustable model features adjustable fork spread. Auto-return bail hangs level when empty. Available in 1- and 2-ton capacities.


other Construction Lifters products

The new leveling pipe lifter, with a laser target holder, is designed to facilitate the placement of concrete pipe.

Construction Lifters Pipe Pickis an attachment that allows workers to lift concrete pipe without actually going inside the pipe. Inserted through the hole in the top of the pipe, the unit automatically engages inside the pipe by tilting the handle and raising the lifter. The lifting arm engages inside the pipe.

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